Conventional Loans To Investors With Only 15% Down

Probably the most affordable way to invest in real estate today!

The is probably the most affordable way real estate investors can continue building their real estate portfolios...

Real Estate Investment Picture

Attention real estate investors: A new program guideline now allows real estate investors acquire real estate property by only giving 15% down.

Yes, you heart it right, only 15% down, NOT 25% or 20% 😊

This new guideline is a true game changer because it now allows investors build their real estate portfolios investing as little money as possible when qualifying for a Conventional loan that offers the best rates to investors.

To qualify, investors need to document their income like any other conventional loan and have a FICO score above 620.

If you feel this program is right for you, please submit your application online by visiting our Conventional Investor Loan Qualifier

Do I Qualify?

A Conventional Loan with 15% down is considered a conforming loan and you will be required to document your income by showing pay stubs, or tax returns. Now, if you are interested in applying for an investment loan qualifying without pay stubs, or tax returns, please inquire about our DSCR mortgages, Bank Statement Loans or Profit and Loss loans.

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  • Terms from 5 to 30 Years
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