60 Month Asset Utilization Qualification

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Asset Utilization


Qualify by dividing assets over 60, 84, or 360 months

  • Up to 80% LTV - Purchase or Cash-out Refinance
  • Assets seasoned for a minimum of three (3) months
  • Minimum FICO 640
  • Owner-Occupied, 2nd home or Investment
  • Qualify with:
    • Just Assets OR Supplement One or Two Yr. Full Doc, Bank Statements, VOE, or 1099
  • Liquid assets can be:
    • Cash on hand Savings and Checking Stocks, bonds, mutual funds Vested amount of retirement and money market accounts

How to Calculate Asset Utilization

  • The qualified assets to be used are divided by 60 months.*
  • Ex. $300,000 in qualified assets = $5,000 additional monthly income

*Based on the fixed term of the loan.